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ALMA Music Project

A boundless passion for music, curiosity, openness: they are our sources of inspiration.

Respect for the person, enthusiasm and kindness: our work tools.

The desire to improve the world with the power of music: our mission.

ALMA Music Project is a company that operates in the entertainment industry, with particular regard to music.

It was established in 1998 by Alessandra Invernizzi from which it is currently actively managed with a trusted group of collaborators. Created to become a valid link between the international artistic offer and the Italian music market, Alma Music Project has the ambitious goal of creating small and large cultural events whose common strength is the pursuit of artistic excellence.

Its customer base is heterogeneous: from public to private theater; from the Department of Culture to the Public Theatre, from the Private Company to the charity.

The work of ALMA Music Project develops through many indistinctly linked activities: artistic representation, touring in Italy and abroad, music consulting, creation of promotional campaigns, identification and research 'ad hoc' of the artistic proposal winning.

The didactic channel has an important role in the purchase: thanks to the 360-degree preparation of its staff, Alma Music Project has created in Italy a vast network of courses and workshops with the aim of 'training' and motivating all music lovers.

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